Since 1989, Tom Carter has written autobiographies with more country music celebrities than any other author in the world.

Carter, a seven-time New York Times and two-time USA Today best-selling author and freelance writer, offers the best in literary collaborations, both fiction and nonfiction.
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Nashville: Music & Murder

In The Flesh

A Novel by: Tom Carter

Mass media covered him from California to Georgia. Journalists reported him rescuing lives, mending broken hearts, thwarting crimes, perpetrating crimes, walking among ordinary people and uplifting them with words about life now and in the hereafter. But who was he?

In great detail, he recited eye-witness accounts about John the Baptist; and, the tragedy at Calvary over 2,000 years ago. Photographs revealed that he wore sandals beneath a white robe and emerging long, dark hair. Some insisted he was Jesus, returned to Earth. But others blatantly disagreed.

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